The University understands that getting started with Universal Design for Learning can feel a bit challenging. Fortunately, the office of the Executive Vice Provost for Academic Affairs has established a HUDL Ambassador program in which all divisions participate.

The Hopkins Universal Design for Learning (HUDL) Ambassador Program

HUDL Ambassadors are individuals nominated by educational heads at their division to assist faculty in the creation of class content and activities which incorporate the principles for Universal Design for Learning. HUDL Ambassadors complete a six–week training program around UDL before working with divisional faculty. They help lead University–wide seminars on UDL, and collaborate to create UDL best practices to share among divisions. HUDL Ambassadors have engaged (or will soon have engaged) with select faculty at your division in piloting the incorporation of UDL principles into their classes.

A HUDL Ambassador is available at your division to assist you. Your divisional HUDL Ambassador is well–versed in the challenges of incorporating UDL into the creation of content and activities for classes in your division’s area of specialization. Your divisional HUDL Ambassador can provide guidance and feedback to help ensure that your class content and activities fully incorporate the principles of Universal Design for Learning.

Listed below are the HUDL Ambassadors for each division:

Please contact your divisional HUDL Ambassador to get started with incorporating UDL into your classes.